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Guidelines And Tips Regarding Buying A Used C-Class Mercedes

Buying a Mercedes could be a dream of many, but there are few who can afford it. but worry not, you can always go for a second-hand model by following certain tips to get a first-hand experience from it. it would be affordable and would offer you the same comfort and luxury. The C-Class is one of the most famous models and the bestselling German car of the company.

The best C-class Mk3 version

The third class was launched in the year 2007, with a four-door facility. An estate version was later launched in the same year. It generally comes with an automated gear-box with it. It could be a great saving buying a used Mercedes-Benz model. It has a four-cylinder diesel feature making it suitable for long journeys. It provides a very comfortable driving experience. It takes up a speed of around 0-62mph in just 10 seconds.

Performance and running cost

It gives you a great performance of around 36mpg, with a supercharged engine having a capacity of 1.8 liter. The six cylinders make your ride smooth and easy. The C320 CDI and the C200 CDI have 221bhp and 134bhp respectively. The blue efficiency models introduced in 2008, have a lower cost of running and provide you with the same performance. The C180 has a capacity of 1.6litre with a speed of 154mph. The C250 CGI has an impressive rating of 201bhp. It has a powerful engine. Standing apart from all of them is the C63 AMG having a capacity of 6.2 liter with 451bhp.

Parts and servicing

You need to go for a service in every 15,500 miles driven by the car. Each service would cost you around £240 to £380. You may be charged a bit extra for the diesel models. The main dealers of Mercedes sell the parts at a reasonable price. The front brakes would cost you around £68 and the matching discs around £130. As the engines are chain-driven, there’s not much to worry about the cambelt changers.

Things to look out for

The performance of the c-class is undoubtedly unbeatable within the budget. When you go for buying a used model, check the following things:

  • The dashboard lights in case of LED’s failure
  • The owner gives you two set of keys
  • A history of the service
  • The runtime


The C-class is one of the most appealing cars, because of the comfort that it offers, accompanied with its stylish looks. It provides you with an unmatched blend of economy and power with six cylinders. It surely lives up to the reputation of Mercedes.

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