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Ratings for top Ten: Used SUVs and Trucks

You might be thinking of buying a used Toyota 4Runner or a used Toyota Highlander, but you might be confused with regards to making the final deal.. You may be wondering if you should believe the words of your friends or your relatives or if you should ho for a used Nissan Pathfinder. Nevertheless lots of options like this will be running in your mind. What you should actually be doing is to browse the website on consumer reports. This is an excellent information site featuring thousands of excellent reviews and ratings on a range of products including used cars. By August 2005 the site had amassed a subscriber base of more than1.95 million. By this time the figure would have improved further.

The uniqueness of this web portal is that it accepts no advertising support and has no interest other than protecting the consumers. So you can be assured that any information that comes out of this site is meant for the consumers benefit and that there are no chances for bias..

Consumer Reports and used cars

If you choose to buy a Toyota 4Runner and then decide to go for a used Nissan pathfinder you have to know the correct value and that is when this site comes handy.

To know the value of a used car is difficult and complex. It is dependent on a lot of factors such as the car's age, mileage, interiors, exteriors, accessories, and the plac e or region where it is being bought or sold.

When you are buying a car remember that the dealer will quote a higher price. So there comess the psychological barrier that can make a financial difference. Having said that; let us start the used-car valuation process.

First the buyer needs to know the estimated price of the car. You can find that by using Kelley Blue book or Edmunds website or some other resource. Check sources such as classified ads, used car websites, and get a proper estimate. You will now have a rough idea of what the car will cost. You may negotiate for 10-20% lesser than the value.

Now visit the website of Consumer Reports and fill the used car's information to generate a report. It will cost you $ 12 for a report but it is worth..

Consumer Reports: What information does it have?

A report from is based on the feedback on over 800,000 car owners. So the data in the report will have tremendous value. Here are some key features of a report:
  • Dealers' p rices and trade-in values.Selling advice - where to shop for a used car, where to get a buyer, and how to determine a fair market value.
  • The report includes a Value Worksheet, which helps you arrive at the true market value by adding or subtracting a value depending on mileage and options.
  • The report will also give you a 14-point reliability summary, which will help you in finding the reliability.
  • It will also include negotiating tips and tricks.
Consumer Reports website delivers great stuff and generates this report to give great value for money. So if a used Toyota land Cruiser or a used Subaru Forester is priced better and promises more value for your money then you should consider the options.

Highly Recommended SUVs by Consumer Reports.org

Here is a list of the top recommended SUVs by Consmer Reports.org
  • Acura - Acura MDX Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles
  • BMW - BMW X3 Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles BMW X5 Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles
  • Buick - Buick Rendezvous Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles
  • Honda - Honda CR-V Small sport-utility vehicles Honda Element Small sport-utility vehicles Honda Pilot Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles
  • Infiniti - Infiniti FX Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles
  • Jeep - Jeep Liberty Sport V6 Small sport-utility vehicles
  • Lexus - Lexus GX Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles Lexus RX SUV RX330 Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles Lexus RX SUV RX400h CVT Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles
  • Mitsubishi - Mitsubishi Endeavor Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles Mitsubishi Outlander Small sport-utility vehicles
  • Nissan - Nissan Murano Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles Nissan Pathfinder Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles
  • Subaru - Subaru B9 Tribeca Mid-sized sport-utility vehicles Subaru Forester Small sport-utility vehicles Subaru Legacy Family sedans
This list can be taken as a basis for making your final decision. These ratings are not to be taken lightly. It has helped people to get the right value for their money on many occasions. You must also keep in mind that you need to use these guidelines for the purpose of obtaining crucial information. Therefore you must not depend on it exclusively.

Car Sales & accessories Make a quick research on the models and compare the car quotes with respect to their working condition while purchasing one. You can get details on the accessories and spare parts to replace the ones that are own-out.

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Buying tips – used car Take decisions on what type of car you require.
Pick a used car seller.
Do research on the car design and decide on one.
Check out all about the used car history.
Estimate the car condition.
Make a test drive on the car you have chosen. Negotiate on the price and fix the deal.
Types of Used Cars

We have different types of used cars that can be acquired at low cost, check out the working condition and the worth before purchasing one.

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NEWS ON USED CARS Having a look at the updates and news on the used cars can help you in getting knowledge on various utility factors.

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