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Need to replace a part in your car - Find Used Car Parts Online

Like used cars, used car parts are also good business and second-hand parts companies have already started proliferating on the Internet. Many companies deal in used car parts online. They create a website with a list of second-hand parts that can be searched based on the car model, sub-model, make, transmission, and the year in which the car was manufactured. These car parts are a hot favorite and are used in rebuilt cars. Dealers, professionals, and even hobbyists who assemble cars search for and buy used car parts online. The hobbyist or a professional may buy selected parts in small numbers, but a dealer usually picks up used car parts in bulk. Online used car parts websites make it easier to find used car parts online and then order them from the comfort of your home or office. This has kicked off a renewed frenzy of activity in rebuilding cars and backyard mechanic activity. Of course, such ease in shopping offers solace to classic and antique car owners who are forever on the lookout for used engine parts along with sundry spare parts.

Even offline used car parts business houses are like supermarkets. They no more carry that dump look and if you visit one you will find used car parts arranged logically on sleek shelves. Additionally, these business houses have hotline numbers, so even if you do not want to browse online for the parts, all you need to do is pick up a phone, dial the hotline number, and figure ou t if the part you are seeking is available or not. These hotline numbers are linked to many used car part dealers so if you do not find what you are looking for at one dealer, the same hotline will link you with another, and so on.

The used car parts dealers source their stocks mostly from insurance salvage sources. Some parts are sourced from dealers and even individuals. Sometimes, they even buy damaged parts because non-damaged similar parts may not be available.

Reasons for buying used car parts

Your first reaction would be that people are nuts to buy used car parts because they have no guarantee and that brand new car parts will be the right choice. But there are four valid and wholesome reasons why people may want to buy these used car parts:
  • The first is that these parts are available. So, like we said before an antique or a classic car owner will find it easier to get parts, which are no longer manufactured. Dealers who do business in salvaging cars and selling them will als o be benefited.
  • The second factor is the cheap price that attracts a whole lot of customers who may want to replace parts cheap.
  • The third factor is that when these parts were originally built, they were built according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. So, they may not be total write-offs and can be as good as new if they are used right.
  • Fourth: Recycling is good for our mother earth and brother ozone. Many nature lovers who care about our environment may eventually end up using used car parts for their replacement needs.
The most popular used car parts are engine parts, which are the heart of any vehicle. You may be a backyard mechanic or a car dealer or whatever - the fact is that your engine has to hum and run smoothly first before you equip the transmission cover and cover the contraption with metal. So, engine and transmission parts lead the race in the used car parts sales. For the record though, radiators, alternators, and then seats are the faste s t movers.

Playing it right at a used car parts shop

A used car part will be priced about 30-70% of the cost of a new one, save for antique car parts that are no longer manufactured. Everything is negotiable out there and even though barters are considered, cash is preferred.

The part that needs to be replaced should be taken to the used car shop to see if the used car part that you are buying matches with what you have. Because if you end up buying a used car part that does not fit, then do not expect to get your cash back - however, you can exchange it for some other part.

Avoid buying used parts that are liquid-related, such as a water pump. Any defect in such a part may not be repairable and even though it can be repaired it may give you persistent problems in the future. The same goes for a braking system, which you must buy new to minimize driving risks. Even though water pumps, braking systems, and any other safety mechanism should not be bought from a used car parts dealer; the irony of it all is that used radiators are one of the fastest sellers!

Buying used hard parts such as fenders, hoods, grills and other non-mechanical parts that do not go into the running of a car can be safely bought from these shops. Same can be said of electronic parts, which can be bought used unless you are prepared to pay a bomb for new ones.

Are used car business houses reliable?

Normally, when you buy a used car part, it comes with a limited period warranty - 90 days maximum. If you find any used car part not working then you are expected to return it immediately within a certain limited period - for example, if the used car part you have bought does not work after day 5, you cannot wait till the 80th day to send it back simply because the warranty period is 90 days. It is better you take it back as early as possible.

Some second-hand parts are sold on an "as is" basis and you are expected to inspect it thoroughly before you take it with you. If it works after buying, fine - i f it doesn't, you cannot do much about it except talk to the dealer. Then it all depends on how the dealer is: if he is honest and reliable then he can change the part, if he is a scammer then you can start looking for another used part.

The Internet is a good resource to figure out how good a used car parts dealer is. For this you have to hunt for review sites and look up web logs that can clue you further.

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