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Scamsters may trick you to buy Salvage Cars

You might have heard about salvage cars for sale, but do you know what these really are? A salvage car is a vehicle that has been smashed up, destroyed, wrecked, or damaged so badly that it is considered utterly useless and not worth repairing - and hence as good as junk. Some dealers pick these cars at junk rates and get them salvaged by spending some effort and money on them; hence the name salvage cars. Salvaged cars are also referred to as totaled cars; a car can be totaled by accidents, fire, vandalism, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. A case in point would be the cars that were wrecked by hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma in 2005. They are called totaled cars because the insurance firms pay off their value. Once they are totaled, they cease to exist legally, but that does not mean they cannot be repaired. Many repairable salvage cars are repaired, cleaned up, and returned to life as "salvage cars for sale". Some of these cars are generally problem cars. These cars can be bought at huge discounts from honest dealers who mark salvaged cars or at market prices from dishonest dealers who may try to pull a con job by hiding the fact that the car had been totaled.

In some American states, if a car has been salvaged after reaching the point of no return, the title should contain a comment saying that the car is a salvage car. In many states, this is not required and a salvaged car may carry a c lean title. Because of these geographical inconsistencies in law, many car dealers move totaled cars to states where they can get a good title and then sell them without any hassle.

Salvage cars for sale: Pros and Cons

There are always two sides to a coin, so you cannot generally say that all salvaged cars are bad. There are many disadvantages but there are some advantages too:
Advantages of buying a salvaged car
  • Salvaged cars are available at throwaway prices. If you encounter a good, honest car dealer who points out to you that a car is salvaged and these could be the possible problems you might face in the future, and if you are convinced enough, then you might land up an outstanding deal.
  • If you attend an auction of salvage cars with the firm intention of buying one, then you might get a salvage car at a very nominal rate.
  • Many salvaged cars are repairable and can be made as good as new.
  • In some salvage cases - for example, hurricane cars, the cars are lab eled as totaled by Insurance companies on an approximate basis because there are just too many cars to inspect and the company cannot be examining each and every car thoroughly. So, there may be a chance that a car labeled as totaled by an insurance company may not be a bad car and can work well when it is salvaged and sold.
  • If your mechanic accompanies you on your salvaged car deal and if he certifies all is OK, then you have a good deal.

Disadvantages of buying a salvaged car

  • If you have been scammed into buying a salvaged car, then only the law can help you. If it's a hurricane car, its parts will be rusty, the inside musty and moisturized, the wires will get corroded and it will be a matter of time before the parts give way to bigger liabilities. If it is not a hurricane car, then chances are that cheap stuff has been used while salvaging the car; so again, it will be a matter of time before you are burdened with expenses fixing the anomalies.
  • If you have been scammed, then chances are that the airbags are fake. This is an important issue because nowadays new airbags cost as much as $ 800.
  • The electrical components in any salvaged car will have a short life unless the dealer or the seller has fitted new components.
  • Another disadvantage is the psychological factor. You will always be conscious of the fact that you are driving a salvaged car and you will be afraid or embarrassed to talk about your car to your friends and relations.
  • If you have bought a hurricane salvaged car then a cut or a bruise from any car part might give you an infection as a hurricane car would have been parked in contaminated water for over a month. Also, the moisture in a hurricane-salvaged car does no good for people suffering from breathing problems. Additionally, these cars can spark off an allergy too.
All in all, the disadvantages of a salvaged car far outweigh the advantages. Still, if you want to buy one, then follow traffic rules: Stop, Look Around, and Go!

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Buying tips – used car Take decisions on what type of car you require.
Pick a used car seller.
Do research on the car design and decide on one.
Check out all about the used car history.
Estimate the car condition.
Make a test drive on the car you have chosen. Negotiate on the price and fix the deal.
Types of Used Cars

We have different types of used cars that can be acquired at low cost, check out the working condition and the worth before purchasing one.

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