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Mini cars-Small in size but big in happiness

Mini cars are cars that are small in size but big in style. These cars have been sought after by many for their smartness and their dashing appeal that are available at reasonable prices. Mini cars are a craze among the general population owing to their easy maneuverability, greater affordability and attractive features.

The term Mini cars originates from the small cars made by the brand Mini, which intensified its popularity with a series of special Mini cars designed by John Cooper, called Mini cooper cars. These trendy cars are easy to drive and there are many different models to choose from including the powerful Mini cooper S and Mini cooper convertible. Though compact, the Mini cooper offers ample space without cramping allowing a comfortable ride. The Mini coopers are a sensation that is difficult for other small cars to match up to. The Mini coopers have many variations in design and style and it is possible to make your own one-of -a kind mini car. Out of 200,000 mini coopers that are produced only a couple of them are alike, the large number of permutations and combinations that are possible with the numerous design options unique mini cooper can be created making the car more captivating.

The term Mini cars are now extensively used for small cars that are designed with a stress on the style quotient and speed. As these mini cars are easy to park and drive through heavy traffic, these cars are sought after by many living in the city and so are also called city cars in many European countries. Mini cars in Europe are extremely popular because of the number of miles that they give per gallon, which makes a lot of economic sense. This has catapulted sales of mini cars in the Europe, Asia and Japan. In Japan, mini car sales account to about 1/3rd the total car sales, making it one of the most popular versions of a car. European mini cars are also very popular and the mini car sales in Europe are 35% the total car sales. This is further proof of its reach and acceptance in Europe.

Volkswagen Polo is a mini car that was brought out exclusively for the European market as it provided comfort and at the same time stressed on providing good mileage. The demand for this car has been steep and this has initiated its entry into other world markets. The Smart cars from Daimler Chrysler have been the other important contenders that have been lapped up by the European mini car market due to their compact size and their fuel efficiency. The Volkswagen Beetle is a car that has demanded a lot of attention for its unique shape and size and remains in vogue till this day. It is still a priced European mini car, though its price band remains high.

Mini cars in USA are not very popular as there is a greater stress on the safety than fuel efficiency in the U.S. The mileage has a lesser bearing in the States, where safety is a greater priority and the Americans prefer large cars like SUVs for their family rather than mini cars. This makes the presence of mini cars in the USA an oddity and the market has not opened up to accept it yet.

The Mercedes Benz A class car is a mini car that has been launched by the car manufacturers known for their classic appeal and attention to details. The Honda Civic type R and the Fiat 500 are some of the other mini cars that are pitted to be among the best in the market with increased comfort and great fuel efficiency. These cool mini cars have with them a sense of appeal and charm that is alluring apart from them being viable solutions to the ever increasing fuel prices.

Apart from these cars that are actually used on roads, there are a completely different set of mini cars that are used for racing and are controlled using a remote control. These miniature cars emulate popular models of cars and there are even gas powered mini cars that can be used for racing competitions. These mini car games are a huge draw among children and adults alike and are played often in malls and other spaces that allow such games. Mini go carts are other favorites among children and are a raving success with their huge popularity and demand. These mini cars are used largely by children for play at home and are safe to play with. They provide a realistic appeal that brings the children closer to actually owning a real car of their own. Some of these mini cars are built to race and such fast mini cars are a rage among the racing population that flock to buy such cars for the sheer thrill of competing with many other such cars.

To maintain a distinct tag, there are even ways to create or purchase custom made mini cars and custom go Karts that let you choose the features and the designs that appeal to you, creating a perfectly unique car that can be easily distinguished from others in a game or during a race. These mini cars pack a powerful punch and are eagerly steered by many children. As these cars are sometimes miniature versions of vintage cars, they add a classic appeal that bestows a certain magic. These cars are therefore valuable possessions that are treasured for long periods of time.

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We have different types of used cars that can be acquired at low cost, check out the working condition and the worth before purchasing one.

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