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Still Popular Classic "Used" Cars

Doubtless you have come across many advertisements that read "classic cars for sale" or "buy classic cars". At that time you may respond to these ads not because you want to buy an older or a used car, but because the word "classic" stirs something in you that makes you act. All classic cars are used and aged, and the term classic is a "status" that it achieves and the way it is perceived by the general public or by car enthusiasts. Suppose, a model of a car is so rugged that it can be in a fine condition even after many years, then this model can be termed as a classic. Some car enthusiast groups can declare that cars manufactured after, say, 1950 cannot be called classics; so, as perceived by that group all cars manufactured before 1950 that are in fine condition are classics. Others say that only antique cars can be called classic cars. Sometimes, only limited quantities of a car are manufactured, and the models that survive are also termed as classics.

Though it is a person-to-person thing, many car models such as Chevrolet Impala and the Chevrolet Corvette have achieved cult status and are known as classic cars. Generally, cars older than 25 years and in good working condition are termed classics, because of these factors:
  • It is rare for someone to own and run a car that is over 25 years old because its parts will no longer be manufactured and there may be other issues as well.
  • The design will be outdated by this time.
But these are the things that excite a car enthusiast or a car collector. Not because he wants to buy the car for everyday use, but because he is a car lover, and his psychology is similar to a stamp or a coin collector when it comes to owning rare stamps or coins.

The Classic Car Club of America defines a classic car as a "fine" or a "distinctive" vehicle manufactured between 1925 and 1948 that is still in motorable condition.

So, we now come back to the "classic cars for sale" ad that we spoke about in the first paragraph above.

You can find a whole lot of auto traders classic cars dealers advertising for sale of classic cars online on the Internet as well as in the newspapers.

Top used classic cars through the ages

Putting together a list of the top classic cars is a rather subjective process. O ne man's classics may not be other's. Hagerty Insurance, the largest insurer of collectible cars, has put together the following list of the most stolen, and hence the most desirable and top-rated, classics:

Chevrolet Corvettes (1953-1982

Labeled the poor man's supercar for its combination of raw power and affordability, Chevrolet Corvettes was first manufactured in 1953 by Chevy. The year 1966 marked the end of the mega-horsepower second-generation Corvette. The third generation was inadvertently introduced as a Hot Wheels model, patterned after Chevy's Mako Shark. Over the coming years, the engine power declined from 400+ to 200 HP due to the shift to unleaded gas, emission controls, and catalytic converters. Some new models do reflect the glory of those mega-horsepower models, ensuring that today's Corvette's will eventually be classics as well.

Ford Mustang (1964-1969)

March 9, 1964 was the day when the first Mustang rolled off the assembly line in Michigan straight into the hearts of t he youngsters, even though its chassis, suspension, and the drivetrain were taken from the much less exciting Falcon. The 1964 Mustang was powered by an inline 6-cylinder 105 HP engine and included a long list of optional add-ons to choose from, making it look like a custom-designed car. For all this it earned Motor Trend's Car of the Year title. Just one year after its introduction, Ford put bigger engines (up to 225 HP) in its new pony. By the early seventies the Mustang platform went from compact to midsize.

Chevrolet Impala (1958-1967)

The early Impala (introduced in 1956) with its characteristic tail fins offered engine options ranging from 234 HP six-cylinder to 315 HP Super Turbo Thrust. By 1961, the tail fins disappeared, the style became subtle, and performance became the focus. By 1967, the Impala regained its grand size and weight, with a pronounced fastback roof design and 385 HP V-8.

Chevrolet Camaro (1967-1969)

Referred to as Chevy's musclecar, Camaro was introduced in 1967 in response to the popularity of Ford's Mustang. The top of the line trim package, the Z28, included a 6.5-liter, 350 HP V-8 big block. In the 1967 model the design became sportier and engine was a 7.0-litre, 425 HP V-8.

Chevrolet Nova (1963-1972)

The Nova SS, introduced in 1962 as the Chevy II, was a compact muscle car for the budget-conscious. The 1963 Super Sport focused mainly on looks. The addition of a V-8 option in 1964 enhanced the performance the low-curb-weight Nova drastically. The Nova officially joined the musclecar ranks in 1966 with new styling and a 350 HP engine.

Chevrolet Chevelle (1966-1973)

Chevelle represented the midsize (as compared to the budget Nova and more muscular Camaro) entry. The following year, the Chevelle was restyled with a longer hood and shorter deck. The Chevelle's performance reached peak in 1970 with a new 454 engine, the LS5, and 360 HP. By 1971, musclecars were on the wane, taking the Chevelle with it.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1970-1978)

This t wo-door coupe was designed by merging the features of Cadillac Eldorado and Chevelle. Initially, the engine was a 350 ci small-block V-8 rated at 250 HP. The redesigned version (1973) was a pillared coupe rather than a hardtop, with rear opera windows, frameless door glass, and dual headlights flanked by an egg-crate grille. It had standard radial-ply tires, Pliacell shocks, and high-caster steering. The model went through a radical downsizing in 1978, with the standard engine reduced to a V-6.

Cadillac DeVille (1955-1965)

The early Cadillac's distinctive features were the tailfins, wraparound windshields, and its front bumper design with artillery shell-shaped bumper guards. While in other sedans the tailfins vanished in the late 1950s, Cadillac held onto them until 1964.

Mercedes Benz 450 (1975-1979)

With a 6.9-liter 450 SEL 286 HP engine, its sports car performance, and lush options like a car phone, Mercedes Benz 450 was considered a true precursor to the future.

Classic cars th at you may maintain may soon become the vintage cars and you can very well participate in these vintage car rallies.

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